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Japanese Language Course

Date & Time: 
July 31, 2018 - 6:30am

SNS CT helps the students to overcome language barriers and facilitate smooth communication for proper business transactions and make them a globally competent professional. The Fastrack Course On the Japanese Language for final year students has been inaugurated by Dr.R.Anitha Head/SCD on 19th July 2018 at M303. The session was initiated by Mrs.R.Prathiba from Marikhas School of Japanese Learning by giving a brief introduction to the importance of learning the language. The students enrolled for the course from various departments have enthusiastically started learning the Japanese Language for JLPT N5.

Why Japanese?


Japan is one of the biggest investors in India, and there are numerous Japanese companies that have been established here in recent times. Getting a high-paying job in these organisations requires the candidates to be proficient in the Japanese language. To prove their expertise, the students need to pass JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) which requires considerable command on the language.


We believe proficiency in the Japanese language, an essential skill to integrate better into the global village, will help our graduate engineers avail of wider global job opportunities in the future.

Japan is soon gonna hire 3 lakh people from India for internship and employment

There are many positions open for those who are well versed with the language. Some of the positions that require proficiency in the Japanese  language are:

1.Interpreter: It involves the conversion of conversation in Japanese to English and vice-versa.

2.Translator: The profile requires the candidate to convert written documents from Japanese to English and vice-versa.

3.Voice coordination: As a voice-coordinator, you can extend language support in teleconferences and BPOs.

4.Trainer: Many Japanese and Indian companies look for trainers who can train the candidates for an on-site opportunity or for dealing with the Japanese clients.

5.IT and Automobile Companies: Many Japanese Companies and Indian Companies prefer candidates with Technical Knowledge along with Japanese Skills as most of their clients are Japanese.

6.Work in Japan: After learning the advanced level of Japanese, the opportunities are open for candidates to work in Japan. Our Institute Provides assistance to candidates who want to study and work in Japan.

7.Outbound Process: There are several BPOs which are dealing with Japanese Clients and they look for candidates who can provide them with Language support.

8.Teaching: There are opportunities for those who want to add value by teaching Japanese in Schools, Colleges, Institution and Corporate Offices.


About JLPT:

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, commonly known as JLPT, is conducted by The Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) and The Japan Foundation.  JLPT comprises five levels, while N5 is the basic level and N1 is the advanced level.


Course plan:



 JLPT Level

Learning Hours


Ability Achieved



60 to100

Understand Basic Japanese




Understand Basic Japanese




Understand everyday situations




Near Native level




Native Level